2017 Sermon Archive

01-01-17 "Covenant Renewal-Holy Communion"

01-08-17 "Jesus Is The Covenant"

01-15-17 "Offer God Your Best-First Fruits"

01-22-17 "Third Sunday in Epiphany"

01-29-17 "Fourth Sunday After Epiphany"

02-05-17 "Shining Light in the Darkness"

02-12-17 "Clear The Road - The King is Coming"

03-05-17 "The New Rule: Abundant Life"

03-12-17 "By Grace, Through Faith - Then, Now & Forever"

03-17-17 "Third Sunday in Lent - True Worshipers and the Water of Life"

03-26-17 "Fourth Sunday in Lent - Was Blind, But Now I See"

04-02-17 "Fifth Sunday in Lent - Holy Communion"

Sermons by Rev. Margot Thompson